UMBC Phase 1 Utility Replacement

Grounded Electrical Construction was selected by The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company to perform the phase 1 utility replacement project at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Our scpe of work includes, but isn't limited to the following:

  • Replacement of (5) medium voltage feeders from the central switchgear through an underground duct bank system to medium voltage switches around the campus.
  • Replacing approximately 120,000 feet of 15kv cable and removing the existing 15kv cable.
  • Replacing (2) 15kv S&C loop switches.
  • Replacing (4) 15kv to 480v transformers.
  • Providing temporary power through 480v generators, temporary panel boards and temporary cable for the (4) academic buildings with transformer replacements.
  • Replacing 480v switchgear, 480v to 120/208v dry transformers and panel boards in (4) academic buildings.
  • Demolition of an existing boiler power wiring and 480v feeder.
  • Provide conduit and wire for new VFD for new boiler fan.
  • Provide conduit and wire for new 480v boiler package.
  • Owner: University of Maryland
  • Engineer: RMF Engineering
  • General Contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company